Our Flavors

Almonds – Original traditional recipe, slices of almonds

Cashew – Original traditional recipe with crunches of cashew nuts

Coconut – Original recipe, milk chocolate, fresh coconut, and sheets of lightly toasted coconut

Coffee – Original recipe, milk chocolate with roasted coffee, and milk chocolate shaves

Himalayan Salt – Original dark chocolate recipe, with crunches of himalayan salt covered with dark chocolate sprinkles

Noir  – Original recipe, chocolate 70% cocoa, pure dark chocolate crunchy. (It’s really creamy, bitter, crunchy and slightly sweet)

Lavander – Original white chocolate recipe with flesh lavander covered with flavored sugar

Peanut – Original recipe, white chocolate, peanut butter and peanut crumbs

Pecans  – Original recipe, with slices of pecan

Pistachio – Original traditional recipe, fruit paste and toasted pistachio flakes

Pink – Original recipe with strawberry gelly covered with flavored and crystallized sugar

Romeo & Juliet – Original white chocolate recipe,with cheese & guava jelly covered with crystallized sugar

Tequila – Original recipe, milk chocolate, Mexican cachaca, and dark chocolate sprinkles. (Alcohol evaporates when seamed at high temperature, leaving only a slight taste of the drink)

Traditional  – Original recipe, milk chocolate, and milk chocolate sprinkles

Vanilla – Original white chocolate recipe, And sugar flavored with vanilla

White Chocolate – Original recipe, white chocolate, white chocolate sprinkles. (A little sweeter than the traditional)


Butterscotch With Pecans (seasonal)Original recipe with butterscotch, stuffed with pure dark chocolate and covered with flesh pecans from Texas. Soft & crunchy and at the same time with the delicious Fall Flavor.

Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)Original recipe, unique spices, bitter chocolate, and chocolate sprinkles.

Peppermint (seasonal)
Original white chocolate recipe, crunches of peppermint candy.